Cristina Staicut (Romanian)

Infinte Gold Dust / Praf de aur infint

800 lei


Abstract Painting, Star Dust Collection
Private Collection

The inside story: Looking 4 eternity

This artwork was offered framed
Signed, titled and detailed inscribed on the reverse
Mixed media: tempera on 300 gsm paper & 22 Kt Yellow Gold (double thickness)
21 x 14.7 cm | 30 x 24 x 3.5 cm (W x H X T)
Executed in 2023
Rarity: Unique
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) signed by the creator

Depending on how the light falls on your “Infinte Gold Dust” Gold abstract painting, the gold is shining stronger, delighting your eyes & soul, bringing you closer to its center story, carrying you in the Land of Gold.

About “Infinte Gold Dust” Gold abstract painting

Paper: Acid free, FSC, long life ISO 9706 certified
Gold: No-conflict certified
Passepartout: Soft White, Neutral pH
Frame: Synthetic
Glass: float 2 mm
Exhibition: Not exhibited yet


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